One of the main features of this app is that you can set verbal commands that can emulate keyboard inputs. This way you can drive certain action in Elite Dangerous, by set which key you want to perform the action from the controls menu in the game, then setting the Grammer.xml file(located in the shipslogv1 folder in your appdata folder) to set up a mapping between a verbal command and the keyboard keystroke that command will emulate.

To do this you will need to edit the "keyBinding" rule in the grammer xml.

<rule id="keyBinding" scope="public">
          <item> lights <tag>out.KeyPress = &quot;L&quot;</tag> </item>
	  <item> chill <tag>out.KeyPress = &quot;V&quot;</tag> </item>
	  <item> flight <tag>out.KeyPress = &quot;Z&quot;</tag> </item>

So if you wanted to add a new binding so that when you said "Go Team" you would target your wingmans current target you would need to add the following item.

<item> go team <tag>out.KeyPress = &quot;o&quot;</tag> </item>

the first part defines the verbal command the content of the tag defines the action in this case the action is "out.KeyPress" and we have set the key to be pressed to be 'o', you will notice the very cumbersome way xml escapes the quote character (&quot;) this is stop it getting confused with the quotes it uses fro internal structure.

The next time the app runs the saying "go team" will case the app to simulate a keyboard press of the 'o' key. you can test this by running the app then opening notepad and seeing the letter 'o' appear on the page.

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