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What you need

This app is designed to assist you whilst playing Elite Dangerous and hopefully make the game more enjoyable and immersive.

To use this app to its fullest potential you will need a microphone and two or more screens, this is because when you are running elite dangerous all you main input devices are pointing at the game and you main screen is entirely filled by the game.

What the app does

This app allows you to collect data as you progress through the game by downloading you current profile from Frontier companion app portal, this requires that you enter your email and Frontier password used to log into the game. This information is only used to connect this app to Frontier companion portal, that said I would be very cautions about entering this information into a third party app such as this one were it not for the fact that this app is entirely open source, so if you want to be super cautious, download the source code and compile it your self.

The information downloaded will allow you to see your current status, and how you progress over time. Also information about the stations you are docked at is also downloaded such as ships and module available as well as a full listing of what commodities are available at the station along with their sale and purchase prices.

Trade Route Recommendation

As you explore the game this app will start to gather data about the places you visit and start making recommendations as to commodities you should buy and where to take them, the idea being that if you want to spend some time just playing the game you can still make some major credits without having to look up trade routes on-line or compile your own spread sheet of trade routes. That said if you can find the time to let go of the joystick and browse the web for great trade routes i recommend you pay a visit a great companion to exploring the ED universe.

An Extra Pair Of Hands

The key binding feature of this app allows you direct control of action ingame by using verbal commands to perform in game action. For information on how to configure and customise these command see Voice to Key Binding

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